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    Previously unseen Morrissey pics!

    I love both Howard Devoto and Morrissey.. That was amzazing.
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    Artist starves dog to death for "art," and he's been invited to do it again

    That's absolutely horrible. I'd like to tie this so called 'artist' up on a rope and see if he still considers that art.
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    T-rex request

    WOW thank you so much Charlie
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    T-rex request

    Does anyone have "Teenager in Love" the acoustic duet? It's such a pretty song. Please and thank you!
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    New York Dolls Supporting at o2 Festival

    Wow you people who are so near are blessed... New York Dolls, Morrissey who could ask for more?
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    Give my band a listen please

    Either way I like "Pretty Lisa"
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    Moz/Smiths retospective TONIGHT on the radio

    I got a happy fuzzy feeling when I heard "Back to the old house" Didn't you? Oh and didn't the radio person announce that he was going to talk to Andy Rourke about a possible Smiths reunion? The was no Andy Rourke.
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    The Chameleons???

    Oh my mistake and thank you so much for your help.
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    The Chameleons???

    Of course. You are going to love them. Listen to "View From A Hill" That's where it all began for me
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    The Chameleons???

    Another favor please.. I uploaded Script of The Bridge from Carnation's blog, but the songs are not in mp3. They're ogg files?? Sorry, I don't know much about computer files. Can anyone upload the songs from Script in mp3? Thank you again.
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    The Chameleons???

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are too kind. Thank you
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    The Chameleons???

    I am in LOVE with The Chameleons. I can not stop listening to "View From a Hill" such a sad sweet song! It really stinks because their material is hard to find. They are really creative and unique! I'd be so grateful if someone would upload the peel sessions for me? and/or these songs...
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    marc bolan documentary feat morrissey

    Oh Marc Bolan, he melts my heart. He had such an amazing and beautiful voice.
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    New York Dolls in L.A. 3/7/08 @ Henry Fonda Theater

    I think I have a newly found obsession with the New York Dolls..
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    Favourite Books/Authors/Poets etc?

    So I am currently reading.. "Wild Child" by Linda Ashcroft and it talks about life with Jim Morrisson. It is so intriguing, captivating, I love ittt!
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