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  1. hand in glove

    How Sad Are You?

    I was going through some of my Moz magazines today and found this old funny questionnaire. It is from Select Magazine, May 1994. A tape was included with this issue - Secret Tracks 2. I never listened to it. In fact, I think I gave it away! The article can probably be found online. If you...
  2. hand in glove

    David Bowie's ashes scattered at Burning Man

    I came across this story tonight and thought I'd share. Bittersweet... David Bowie's ashes were scattered at Burning Man. The 69-year-old musician passed away in January following a secret cancer battle and, earlier this month, his godchild brought a portion of his ashes to the annual...
  3. hand in glove

    TTY: Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph

    I've read it over and over and I don't see a denial. Just plans for the future and the fact they aren't releasing any songs by any artist concerning Paris. All John is saying is that he thinks it's a good idea, but he needs to know where the proceeds will go and he needs to hear from Morrissey...
  4. hand in glove

    TTY: Lynn Anderson, RIP

    Lynn Anderson, RIP - 31 July 2015 A few weeks ago we were proud to play our version of 'Rose garden' on stage in Nashville in honor of the great Lynn Anderson. Tonight, we hear that Lynn has gone. We were just a hand's breadth away. Impossible, impossible, impossible. no...
  5. hand in glove

    TTY: Morrissey offered award

    Morrissey offered award - 11 July 2015 Trinity College Dublin has offered Morrissey an "outstanding contribution to music award" (his first ever such award) which stands as the University Philosophical Society's Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage. Morrissey has commented: "My...
  6. hand in glove

    TTY - The World Will Listen! 20 April 2015

    New post with video. Can anyone translate? The World WILL Listen! - 20 April 2015 UPDATE April 21: Uncleskinny notes Mike Joyce posted a link to the same video on YouTube (video originally uploaded May 2013) a few days before: Mike Joyce...
  7. hand in glove

    TTY Nov. 20, 2014 Statement: Morrissey in Belgrade, Groningen, and Tilburg Dec 10-16

    A statement today has been released on TTY. Sorry if this has been posted. Feel free to delete if so...
  8. hand in glove

    The Smiths on Conan

    Haha! No, didn't see that. Thanks for sharing!
  9. hand in glove

    "Satellite of Love" (live) tracklisting and details at RollingStone

    Re: Rolling Stone - full dates and track listings for Satellite of Love. Thanks, FWD :)
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