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    I'm out of this world

    I’m Out Of This World A house where the lights don’t go out East from Industrial Hell There’s more than life at stake With yellow fog at the window, the room is full Everyone in ill-fitting suits, cut priced crowd The girls are all biceps, the boys are all chest Shoulders formed but...
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    Funeral Atmosphere

    Inspired by a hospital visit some months ago
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    Morrissey survey

    Hi Everyone, I've not posted in a while but I have missed this place. The reason I'm making this post is to see if anyone would be interested in doing a short survey about Morrissey and the Morrissey fandom? It's for a university dissertation. thanks in advance, rob
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    James Dean Is Not Dead

    Hi, Also selling a copy of James Dean Is Not Dead on ebay -
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    Exit Smiling

    Hi, I'm selling my copy of Exit Smiling on ebay for £75 (ONO). It's copy number 176 of 1000.
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    Do you think I can sing?

    Had a go at Let Me Kiss You. Let me know what you think. Also if its so bad it ruins the song for you I apologise!
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    Post your stories of buying the book?

    Hi guys, Thought it would be cool to post your stories about your day today and how you felt/what you felt when you bought the autobio. Here's mine.. There is not much cause for excitement in the modern world. It is a constant sludge of early(ish) mornings, tiring jobs, hateful bosses...
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    Music Website

    Hi All I've started a new website that I hope will provide people with music news and reviews. It can be found here - - feel free to leave a comment on any of the articles and who knows, perhaps we might get into mass debate ;)
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    Hi Guys - Been such a long time since I logged on or even posted on here! I'll assume that there's loads of new people on here that I don't know! The reason why I've come back is that I'm looking for a bit of help... I've got quite a few ideas which I think will make good TV but I lack the...
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    I'm getting quite excited by this band All four members are women if anyone was interested..
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    Morrissey in the 'wilderness' years

    During the period from the release of Maladjusted to You Are The Quarry, how did the Morrissey fans cope? More importantly what did Morrissey do in these years. Is there any information?
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    ERM WHAT?! Yes I Think That Shows My Shock ???????????
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    Members on Facebook

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    My Take On People Are The Same Everywhere

    Throw me away like everyone else People are the same everywhere Take me and make me stand in line People are the same everywhere And if there was a cruel twist of fate Where people weren’t cosumed with dirt and hate It really wouldn’t matter Because people are the same everywhere...
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    A Little Poem

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    Its like my Birthday and the like

    Happy Birthday to me!:tears:
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    Deleting threads

    Hi all Is there a way to delete a thread/posts made by myself? Thanks
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    A f
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