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Are you a light, inspiration, guide or a black hole sucking the life out of others.
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Latest entry: , Mount Joy
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Latest entry: , Test blog
1. wearing a mask sucks, especially when I wear my glasses, every time I breathe, they fog up cuz its still cold here as well 2. no work for a...
Latest entry: , the quarantine
I think I'm on the verge of having a girlfriend, yes she speaks English, no she is not Chinese, she is half my age and her country of origin has...
Latest entry: , shit
Latest entry: , bday
spur of the moment outfit, still getting use to sober Halloweens, this is my 3rd in a row and first sober Halloween in China, just had fun with...
Latest entry: , Halloween
4 am here, day after National Day and well, just couldn't sleep. the fireworks are over, though the smell still permeates the air as I smoke this...
REALITYBITES Blog Index ~ 2005-2004
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Latest entry: , Bourdain
#1 Season 6, the best battle sequence “Battle of the Bastards” Hodor saving the day, revenge on the Freys, the Sept blowing up, the Snake Sisters...
so I did the step down thing to the 3 mg ones for the last few weeks, but they ran out Friday, so now its no nicotine at all, and since I gave up...
Latest entry: , cold turkey
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