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  1. slap-me-on-the-patio

    "Our Frank" 7" promo wanted

    Hi, i'm wanting an our frank promo, just seen one on eBay, £350 or best offer, prices are getting ridiculous for this particular 7". I would offer £250 for anyone who's got a spare copy in good condition. Thanks
  2. slap-me-on-the-patio

    Where's all the vinyl collectors

    The marketplace and collectors corner has dried up over the last few months, always liked coming on here to see if anyone was selling any vinyl. For what it's worth i'm still looking for a few bits: Stop me if you think, Aussie & Dutch 12" What difference does it make French 12" Morrissey...
  3. slap-me-on-the-patio

    Do you think morrissey masturbates?

    Just wondering people's opinions on this, he says he's "humansexual" attracted to humans but not many, also heard him say he never had them (sexual) desires. Do you think he watches porn and cracks one out?
  4. slap-me-on-the-patio

    Favourite smiths b-side

    Bit off-topic and not morrissey solo but out of general interest, would like your guys views. (Maybe a poll would be better but cant fit them all on.)
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