1. A

    I want to make a live Smiths cd

    Hi everyone, So I want to make a batch of cds from a Smiths show to sell at local record stores. I know there has to be some sort of copyrights around the smiths live performances. Is there anyway to get around that? Should I just go for it and make them? What could some consequences be? Thanks...
  2. D

    Missing CD singles

    Hi, Does the shoplifters of the world, Girlfriend in a coma and i started something exist in a CD single version? I know that they are available in 45"s format but I´m looking for the CD´s. Anybody knows something? I just can´t find them anywhere on the internet. Cheers,
  3. WORLD OF MOZ!!!


  4. Northernskies

    Second Smiths singles boxset

    Has there been any confirmation that a second singles boxset will be released? There are only 7 remaining singles so what would/should be the extra cd's?
  5. macclesfield-town-f-c

    Help with the following

    Has anybody got the following they will sell. Can pay with paypal. Roy's Keen cd The Boy Racer x2 cd That's How People Grow Up cd Our Frank US cd Boxers US cd The Youngest Was the Most Loved cd 2 Morrissey at kroq My Love Life Japan cd Now My Heart Is Full US cd There Is A Light...
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