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I saw picture discs for QID and MIM on eBay. I've never heard of them (not surprising since I don't collect much vinyl), but didn't see them listed on pjlm. Anyone know anything about them? Are they bootlegs?


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I was under the (misinformed?) impression that the Boy Happy single was Moz's first ever picture disc

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there's a few interview discs that are pic discs but I've not heard of TQID or MIM, I assume they'll be boots like the coloured vinyl Debut l.p.s that showed up last year.




They're a Dutch Auction, so they must be brand-new, just hitting the shops. Along the lines of the colored vinyls Grim just mentioned.

The shop selling them can be seen on the Oasis "What's The Story" album cover.


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Anyone know where i can get a 12" pic disc of i just want to see the boy happy?
Theres one on Ebay going for £9.99 plus £2 p+p wondered if i could pick one up cheaper somewhere? (theres none on Amazon)

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That seems like a good price for that 12". I ordered one from the US through ideal copy and it cost me a lot more but they were the only ones selling them when I ordered it, they have sold out now anyway. That seller on eBAY has 46 or thereabouts for sale so I would get one from them if I were looking. Different B-side picture too. HMV don't have it listed but do still have the limited Quarry 12" singles on their website.


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Allie its Sister Ray that have them on their site and they have put some up on ebay this afternoon, I put a thread up on the general site earlier. Seems that £9.99 is the price.


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Are the colored vinyl debut lps (red and yellow) confirmed as bootlegs? If so, I can't help but notice Sister ray as a source for both those LPs and these new picture discs...
12" pic disc of i just want to see the boy happy
Mine arrived this morning, I wanted a lie-in & the bugger of a postman knocked me up! Still it's soccer am time!




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Maybe they are counterfeit?

Ha ha. Rough Trade numbered but obviously not from RT.
So we're all clear on definitions around here.....from www.m-w.com:

Main Entry: 1coun·ter·feit
Pronunciation: 'kaunt-&r-"fit
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English countrefet, from Anglo-French c***refeit, from past participle of c***refere, contrefaire to imitate, from c***re- + faire to make, from Latin facere -- more at DO
1 : made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive : FORGED <counterfeit money>
2 a : INSINCERE, FEIGNED <counterfeit sympathy> b : IMITATION <counterfeit Georgian houses>

Main Entry: 2bootleg
Function: verb
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