1. Elvez

    Les Paul! No explanation necessary

    ¡Hola! No words can describe his importance to music so I won't try. In his own words: :D It's not technique -- it's what you have to say. I got the mumps. They threw me in a crib so I wouldn't roll out onto the floor. And there's a big bay window in my house, and that window stayed...
  2. mozsupportsrovers

    Official Birthday Greetings Thread

    Its Now the 22nd May 2009.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRISSEY!!
  3. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    The Official James Dean [Legend] Frink Thread <333

    This Is The Official Frink Thread For The Legendary Actor / Idol / Icon / God, James Byron Dean <333
  4. Jukebox Jury

    Thursday will be a beast of a day!

    City v Aalborg in the UEFA Cup...... and more importantly....... THE RETURN OF the beast:rock: I'm meeting him outside Strangeways, upon his release from cyber prison and will drive him back down the East Lancs Road, stopping off for a few ales along the way:guitar: Jukebox Jury
  5. vicarinatutugal

    The Official Russell Brand thread

    I know we had a thread on general, but I think it is time we had an official one here since there are a lot of Russell fans here as well. So this is it. (did we have one before? ah well this one will be much better if we did) Anything Russell Brand related can go here. :)
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