Stars of Track and Field... goes the first track of the, um, well i guess it's now vintage, Belle and Sebastian cd (what's a cd, Grandma?); If You're Feeling Sinister. That's the title of the cd, not a suggestion, granddun. I felt like playing it tonight because i bought it back in the late 1990s, when music stores were still kinda prevalent and i was still in college. Yeah, i was a slightly older than average college student back then, but hey, i was almost done, and i eventually graduated. Unfortunately, i now realize, i thought that if i had a decent education, i could get ahead. Classic Tortise (sp) and the Hare scenario..
Now, instead of having a diploma under my belt (oh, but that says good things about you in the job market....circa 1999...You're too overqualified and expensive to hire..2012), i kinda wish i was either a high school dropout, or failed to get my Associate's degree but drop out right before i received it..
Sorry about all the "poor me" rhetoric tonight. I'm just trying to get my old job back right all its shittiness...i need it...i need to help my mom...and i need to pay off a horrible credit card debt. I'm being tested...i was tonight...i know it.
I'll never forget a documentary i saw a few years ago while flipping was about a department store that was popular in this region a while was called Joske's...they were interviewing a little old lady who worked there back in the day. She was basically like; "back then, loyalty and good service were rewarded...nowadays, the longer you've been somewhere the more they're eager to push you out the door." I'm sorry, but nowadays, that goes for just about any profession.


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