• Hmm I don't think Morrissey ever sang that song. :confused: Maybe that person was just joking?
    Hi Laura! That story about your Texan is funny--so are you not going to fly out to visit him in October? Well as for Moz being in LA, if you check out http://community.livejournal.com/morrissey_shot/ you'll see another VERY recent Moz pic. Read the comments on the first post, I found out where/when it was. ;)
    What is spelling between friends. It's quite complex to spell so it's not something that would end our correspondence.:) How is school and stuff? Are the kiddywinks behaving themselves for you?

    it took the guy 9 years to ask you out? God that's even worse than me..:) There's being cautious and there's being cautious..:) The rain has been much better here and as long as we don't get prolonged hard rain over a few hours every day then we should be fine. Once the drain was blocked and it was up at the back door it was pretty scary. I had to move my porn collection into the loft, lol! I don't have a porn collection..:)

    Anyway, judging by that last sentence, i have said too much..:) How are you doing?
    Hi girl!!! What have you been up to? Haha well, I see from the comments below that you've been out on an uneventful date! :) I'm doing well, the roommie situation is okay, I'm managing (somehow). :p My office had our day at the horse races today--it was fun. We got to leave work early, eat/drink free food & alcohol, and gamble! As for the Hollywood Bowl DVD, I haven't heard that it's going to be released in the States yet. I'm happy he's finally doing another DVD, but I was really hoping it was going to be a show that I went to! Can you believe I wasn't at the Bowl show? :tears: Anyway, I hope you're having a fun summer!
    Hi Alasdair!
    Yes do mention- half the time I am on here I am in need of sleep. Especially when I repeated spelled your name wrong- so very sorry!!! I felt terrible after I was rereading our conversation and realized i had done it REPEATEDLY!

    Sorry to hear about the weather. That is awful! how scary! I am dying for just a little rain- it is so hot and I have no AC. Rain is my favorite weather but I could see where it is less pleasant if there is too much.

    I am excited for the new Moz DVD however I didn't read of a US release date...

    My date was fine and uneventful. It has taken Mark nearly nine years to ask me out. I met him in 1999 in my yoga class and after years of exchanging phone numbers and it never going anywhere he finally followed through and we had dinner. Dinner was nice but unlikely that it will occur ever again...

    Hoe the weather clears up- stay indoors and away from drains... Be well my friend! - Love, Laura : )
    I was going to mention the spelling, but whenever i pick out these things in others, i usually commit the crime within seconds..:) Justice is very swift in these parts..:)

    I am doing okay - just a bit worried about the amount of rain we're getting because i nearly got flooded a few nights ago. I was out at 3am lifting up a drain. Sorry if i've mentioned this but very little happens in my life - so i feel the need to report absolutely ANYTHING that happens in my life, regardless of how dull it actually is, lol!!!

    I hope the date went well? And that you behaved according to the standards befitting a woman in your responsible position in society..:)

    Take care...xxx
    Damn, i thought i had responded to you, sorry.:) I was thinking "Not like Laura to be so rude" oh well, i'll try and learn from this..:)

    How did the party go and stuff? I hope you got drunk and made a complete spectacle of yourself?
    She has a great voice, something from a bygone age, but she's struggling these days. I saw her live in Glasgowjust before she cancelled that tour and she was pretty amazing.

    It's good that you had a good week, and cats are just a pain..:) I don't think i could handle a room full of kids with no sleep. Though you may have strangled them all today, so you never know...And the news has full of the Olympics, so you may have done something and it hasn't been mentioned yet..:) what a strange line of humour to go down..:)

    How are you doing?
    This is Amy Winehouse, in better days....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25DtUYRxkqE She's got an amazing voice and if you only hear one voice this Decade..blah,de,blah..:)

    I am a bit like you in that respect, though you are a more terminal case than me. So i'm not the worst in knowing new tunes..yay!!! Are the munchkins getting you down? I hope you manage to get some proper rest and stuff.
    Mark Ronson produced both Amy Whinehouse albums and did a version os 'Stop Me If You Think.....' It would be great to love a band who's song titles don't take an age to write..:) He's quite a famous producer over here, but he's a musician as well, but it's clear you know sod all about him in the States..:)

    I hope you're doing well and stuff? You sound knackered..:) I hope you're doing well..:)
    I hope the munchkins are behaving themselves for you? Things will be resolved i'm sure and i hate boring the arse of people with my problems, though i appreciate the offer..:)

    I think everyone craves change and not thinking about what you maybe should have done is a good idea, because, er, you didn't do it. I suppose it's natural to think about these things though.

    I'll give the Smiths a miss if you don't mind..:) There was a great TV show on last night - Mark Ronson v Duran Duran so i enjoyed that, who'd have thought that celebrity poker could be so entertaining. He's a big fan apparently and he likes the Smiths too, so it's hard to dislike the guy. But i'm sure i'll think of something..:)

    I hope you are well laura?
    Hey hun. Sorry. that last message was rather doom laden..:) just need to make some changes and i'm not the best at it. It will be done though..:)

    He's really bright, our Russell, that's the thing i like about it him. As a comic he's not that easy to label because he doesn't really knock gags out one after another, which would be very boring. California sounds lovely, but i kind of melt in any kind of heat. Not a good look..:)

    I am okay..:) And how are you after your return to work?
    I wasn't enthusiastic? God, i'm learning a bit about myself. I have become rather fond of Russell lately and not just the Moz connection - but i am rarely enthusiastic for much..:)

    I'll have a look for it. I am in a bit of a rut at the moment and need to get my arse in gear. Any suggestions, apart from suicide would be greatly appreciated..:)
    I'll forgive you. Just this once..:) It sounds like quite a meeting. I reckon Moz is a bit awkward about the 'fan' thing at times because he doesn't really seem to go out of his way if he's not in the mood. It sounds like he made the effort with you. It's nice that you had that meeting with him...:) It's more than me, but he did cuddle me at a gig once on stage, but only to move me out of the road....:)

    I will be going to bed soon. So i hope you are doing well and stuff? And it's great to see you around more often.
    You never told me that you met Moz. I think it's QUITE important and the fact that you didn't mention it, must raise questions of our friendship.....:)

    The last album of George's i bought was...er...it had Mother's Pride on it and Freedom. About 16 years ago. Maybe you shouldn't become a Paparatzzi - Probably wrong spelling - i am only thinking of you. could you imagine freezing your tits off waiting for Paris Hilton of an evening..:)

    How are you doing anyway?..:)
    You'd probably be more use to the planet as a teacher though..:) As long as you weren't one of these aggressive type who drive celebs mad. I could give you a list of the ones you could abuse if you want..:)

    what was your request? He's got a lot of talent, i'll give him that..:)

    I don't think anyone's charm would work with Moz. And did you meet him and how?
    Hi Alastair!
    I have been on tour with George Michael for the past month and it has been a bit insane!

    Now that is an opening line and a half...:) I have been proud of opening lines, but none as grand as this. What exactly are you doing? It's not exactly - "Hey, how are you? I've just got back from the grocery store"..:) You can see the reasoning here..:) I've always like the guy personally. Are you playing triangle in the band? If he needs a Bagpipe player for the tour, then i am here waiting. I've got an idea for a dance version of Mull of Kintyre/Father Figure..:) He only has to pick up the phone..:)

    I have been doing alright. It sounds like your having fun. drop me a line when you get the chance.

    Speak soon..:)
    Hey..:) How are you doing? I hope everything is okay. it seems the prospect that you may have some social life outside of this place, is something that i find troubling..:) Out there is becoming more mysterious - i'll need re-adjustment classes at this rate.:)

    I'm going to bed anyway, i hope you are well and it's good to see you logged on..:)
    Hello dearie!!!! I'm so glad you're sorta almost BACK!!! :D I still owe you a reply, don't worry, I definitely haven't forgotten about you!!! Thanks for the nice thoughts about the roommie situation...let's just say it's far from perfect right now, but I'm managing. :o If I win the lottery this year, I'm gonna boot his butt out! :p Have a fab time in Texas, you'll have to tell me all about it when you return. Safe travels! xox
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