If I could change one thing about myself....

What one thing would you change about YOU?

  • Nothing...I am "perfectly perfect in every way"

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Everything...I am ugly inside and out

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Something physical...when I look in the mirror I see a monster staring back at me

    Votes: 12 38.7%
  • Something non-physical...I am a mass of horrid character defects

    Votes: 7 22.6%
  • I really wouldn't bother...I am beyond redemption in all areas

    Votes: 6 19.4%

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Well I have a very dazed expression on my face all the time.. I think.
and my nose is very bulbos, however you spell it, and more other things that I don't want to dwell on!

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Well I have a very dazed expression on my face all the time.. I think.
and my nose is very bulbos, however you spell it, and more other things that I don't want to dwell on!

Your picture looks fine........i'd do something about that haircut though..:)
thanks for all the repsonses to my posts. i am hoping that i am still growing. i think i the reason i am so stunted is because i became a vegetarian very early in my life. when i was around 9. i'm not making that up. the last meat i ever ate was KFC. i think my parents didn't how to feed me. i didn't try eating soy and tofu and all that stuff till i was about 12. i mostly ate just pasta, cereal and a lot of candy. but i always remained thin, except for my tummy.

i am always looking for Morrissey's imperfections, just to see if can be closer to him, but i can't see them. that's why i think he's God. i actually have a hard time relating to him because he seem perfect. he is everything i want to be. i just discovered today that one part of my face is bigger than the other. i read that the reason some people are so good looking is that thier faces are symmetrical. so i don't know if that means there are some symmetrical faces out there.


What about Barbra Streisand?

I have no idea about Barbra Streisand.

I watched some TV programmes years ago which mentioned that Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts had symmentrical faces, people found them very attractive.

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Meeting you briefly in NY, I can conclude you could do with a new liver:D

Jukebox Jury

I Lol'd sorry nugzie *hugs*

wow. im pretty certain we met for about 3 minutes or so. in that short period of time, honestly....youve realized a dependency problem? not being sarcastic in the least. maybe youve come across something. ,maybe i need like....tons of help. :o
awwww We all have our problems! and remember if he reads what you write you do come on here post drinking a good 1/4 of the time :p Hey, you know, since we're being all honest and stuff I'm just going to say though i rarely see you, I feel like I have gotten to know you, and i do think you're a great, fantastic person with a beautiful personality. Yeah, you probably should handle the substances better, the good news is, you're still young and can do it if you want to. whatever you decide! :) and if by some sort of crazy turn of events you arent drinking in may i will drink diet pepsi along with you. We dontz needs da bewz ! :p
I can really relate to that! Alot of people think I'm Jewish because of my nose.

Along with getting my nose done, I'd get my breasts lifted (not that they're around my ankles now...) and made slightly bigger. And maybe botox in my lips as my lips are quite small. But seeing Leslie Ash always puts me off that one.
i'd like a little breast lift too. they arent dragging but they've never, ever been perky :(
Higher self-esteem would be nice.
Um. YES!!! me too! obviously from all my self-deprecation!!
Human face is asymmetrical. and so is the bhuman body. :D
unless you are denzel washington.
one of my boobies are slightly bigger than the other. im always worried i have cancer in the bigger one!
True :D

I'm not perfect, but I'm unwilling to change... I like myself too much, imperfect as I am :D

Words to live by!

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